Become an Advocate! Earn Your Beef MBA 2.0     

The Beef Checkoff’s Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program has launched MBA 2.0, an opportunity for beef and dairy producers to step up and be true leaders – ‘Agvocates’ if you will – for the industry and all of agriculture. Building on the success of the original MBA courses, with nearly 6,000 graduates to date, the program hinges on the importance for consumers to hear directly from those growing and delivering their food to them.

Each course, which has all new content based on consumer research about questions regarding the beef industry and end product, takes about an hour to complete and follows the beef lifecycle. These include:

1. The Beef Community – All about the people involved in producing beef, from pasture to plate.

2. Raising Cattle on Grass – Covering the cow-calf and stocker/backgrounder stages of production.

3. Life in the Feedyard – What goes into ensuring cattle receive proper care and a healthy diet in the finishing phase.

4. From Cattle to Beef – How cattle are humanely slaughtered and processed into beef products.

5. Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. – Consumer information about how to properly store, handle and cook beef to ensure a safe and enjoyable eating experience.

Those individuals who completed the original MBA courses will remain enrolled in the program and can take the 2.0 classes to update their certificate. MBA grads then have the opportunity to join the private Facebook group where they can have interaction and dialogue about emerging industry issues.

The MBA program is funded by the Beef Checkoff and there is no cost to participate. Sign up to start your MBA 2.0 coursework today!

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Source: Cattlemen’s Beef Board