Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your magazine. I have been in the cattle business for 60 years, and out of all the magazines I get, yours is by far the most down to earth one. It’s articles are common sense and real life down to earth information. Thanks for great stories and jokes.
See you down the road.
                                                        Your friend,
                                                        John Davis, Blue Mountain, Miss.
Hey EC,

I just want to take a minute of your time and say "thanks" for the great publication that you have been sending me for years. I always look forward to the next issue and and there is no doubt that your magazineputs out more good information than any other publication out there. I especially enjoy the personal touches that you add, there is nothing more important than family. I'm a rural mail carrier that lives about 50 miles southwest of Oklahoma City and during my 32 years of delivering the mail I've seen alot of livestock magazines but I do believe yours is the best. My brother feeds alot of catttle and I keep telling him one of these days we're going to have to go to the workshop at Texas A&M, maybe we will see you there someday.  Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year to you and your family.

Thanks again for the magazine.
                                                               – Rick Vickrey


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the cattlemen of South Georgia, thanks for a very good cattlemen magazine. I missed out on the Bull section this month, but thanks for the Bama Cow article.  I don’t know how many years I have received your magazine, but I have filed the back Bull sheet for many years. I use some of the sayings in our church Brotherhood programs and at other meetings.  Keep up the good work advertising good programs and good quality livestock.  I worked at Sumter Livestock for 29 years and Cordele Livestock almost eight years. I still own livestock and am very interested in the livestock industry promoting quality bulls. Thank you.

                                                           – Paul Shellnut Jr., Americus, Ga.

 Mr. Larkin,

My husband and I have enjoyed reading the Gulf Coast Cattleman each month for many years.  Being longtime 4-H leaders in Travis County, we have watched many young 4-Hers win and lose in many competitions. It is always a learning experience that they never forget. I want to thank you for “In the Spotlight” [March 2014 issue] – printing an article about the Guadalupe 4-H livestock judging team that represented Texas and earned the National Championship honors. What an opportunity to compete in the “World” in Scotland. I hope folks will contribute generously and they have a fantastic trip.

                                                           – Violet Alexander, Austin, Texas 


 A belated Happy Birthday wish from Atch. You and I are very nearly the same vintage – seems to me the BDs come along quicker than they used to.  Love the Gulf Coast Cattleman! The mix of news, features, technical articles, cattle ads, humor, etc. is perfect. By the way, the July 2014 cover shot is gorgeous. There’s nothing like that scene in the upper-Midwest.

Give Chel Terrell a pat on the back for the Active Advocate feature (July 2014 GCC). Excellent!

Keep up the great work!       
 – Terry Atchison, Excelsior Springs, Mo