Checkoff-Funded BEEF Loving Texans Makes Television Debut


AUSTIN, TX – Beginning July 1, the Texas Beef Council (TBC) will kick-off the advertising portion of the newly launched BEEF Loving Texans brand campaign. Advertising for the campaign will include digital, print, radio, billboards and television across Texas.
"We're beyond excited and proud to bring beef back to several advertising mediums we haven't been able to be a part of for many years due to budget restrictions," said Austin Brown III, TBC board chairman and rancher from Beeville. “As a director and fellow beef producer, I’m encouraged and optimistic about the BEEF Loving Texans launch. I hope all beef producers in Texas will rally behind this campaign and recognize the value and importance of checkoff-funded programs like this one.”
The BEEF Loving Texans television ad will be airing in Dallas, Houston and Austin for nine weeks beginning July 1 and will conclude September 5. Some of the cable networks airing the commercial include the Food Network, Fox News, Hallmark, VH1, TLC, Lifetime, TNT and ESPN. The television ad is expected to reach more than 2 million people with a frequency of approximately four times.
“There is no doubt about the excitement and anticipation around the television commercial, but we also know our target audience is consuming media online,” said Rachel Chou, TBC senior manager of consumer communications. “Therefore we will continue to expand and innovate in the digital advertising space with streaming digital ads, social media promotion and search engine advertising. The spending efficiency in this medium is simply extraordinary.”
Texans will also see BEEF Loving Texans ads on 153 billboards across the state with the expected reach of more than 2 million impressions. Radio ads will be featured on Pandora radio reaching more than 2.3 million Texans. A two-page spread will also be featured in the July and September issues of Texas Monthly reaching 2.7 million readers.